Thursday, June 5, 2014

Stop comparing yourself.

Unless you walked in the same shoes as someone you cannot compare yourself to them. Stop comparing your step 2 to someone else step 15. Unless you was there through the entire process of whatever is that you're comparing i.e.( job position, hair growth, starting your own business or my favorite youtube subscribers),  you should not compare yourself. You have no idea how much work someone actually did in order to reach the status that they're at. 
Most people only show you the glitz and glamour. Not the many sleepless nights, past due bills, and borderline begging for money, they had to go through in order to reach their goals. But you're so stuck in the negative mindset of how come that's not me and what do they have that I don't have, that you don't realize that they probably had to struggle or go without in order to become who they want to be. 
A true fact is that while you're sleeping and just chilling doing nothing, someone is up working on their craft to become better and one step closer to their goals. Stop being bitter and start being better. If someone is doing better then you don't compare and cry woe is me, but us that as motivation. 

Get yours and stop worrying about what others have. 

Peace & Love,
                 Melo Skyster